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Best Top Routers

we are here to tell you about the best gaming router if you are a serious gamer and you want to choose best gaming router then have a look at my post.

1) Netgear Nighthawk X4S

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Netgear Nighthawk S4X is one of the fastest dual-band routers, and it also supports gaming specific quality of service that is prioritize gaming quality make it the top choice. It has also one advance feature like MU-MIMO for faster wireless and its transfer to many clients. Its UI looks a little bit outdated and its performance is sluggish. its price is the little bit high because of it's the best speed and its special is best for a large house or for a small office.

2) Linksys WRTAC3200ACM

The Linksys WRTAC3200ACM is dual band router that is using open source firmware, hence name it WRT. you can run open source firmware on routers in recent days. so, WRT 3200ACM is not so much unique, but it is called for power users. it is our top pick but it is lost by the margin to the router this is because it is not too fast, and also to achieve its speed of AC3200 you need special hardware. It is strong with 5G technology and it is the best software on the desktop. it is best for a small area use like a small house. Linksys router customer service 

3) Asus RT-AC88U AC3100

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This Asus is top shelf dual-band router and it is baked in name NitroQAM, it's bandwidth is more as compared to AC1900 routers when we using an adapter. its 5GHZ delivered decent throughput but it landed to mid picks as it is tested. it boost to prioritize devices and traffic also, it has software for desktop as well as mobile, it will make it excellent rounded package If you want more information then you can visit this link Linksys Router Customer Support

4) D-Link DIR-882

The D-Link DIR-882 delivered excellent performance across the board and it is flexible also.It's dual-band wave 2 router so it supports features that include MU-MIMO that has the ability to primrose on a network.

for me, it is not possible to tell each and everything about best gaming router, so if you like my post and if you have the interest to know more and more related to the best gaming router then go through this D-link customer service 

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